Arch Enemies Event

Posted by TOKO on Friday, August 26, 2011 Under: Event

Number of gifts (boosts) required to master each level are:
• Bronze – 4 gifts
• Silver – 10 gifts
• Gold – 20 gifts
(Total required = 34 per Arch Enemies gift type)
Players who reach the Gold Mastery for each level of the Arch Enemies event will achieve the Grand Prize of the Olympic Archer. Collect and master three items:

Quiver (Boost +125 defense skills)

Arrow Shaft (Boost +125 attack skills)

Vitals Sight (Boost +200% chance of robbing your next property successfully)

Quiver Of Cobras (Animal 110/50), Superior

(Bronze Mastery 100/45)

(Silver Mastery 105/47)

(Gold Mastery 110/50)

Arrow Plane (Vehicle 52/114), Superior

(Bronze Mastery 47/104)

(Silver Mastery 50/109)

(Gold Mastery 52/114)

Competition Compound Bow (Weapon 118/55), Superior

(Bronze Mastery 108/50)

(Silver Mastery 113/52)

(Gold Mastery 118/55)

Olympic Archer (Armor 151/114), Superior

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