Each boss has 4 levels of mastery (Bronze, Silver, Gold, Ruby). Once a boss is defeated at the Bronze level, they will return to retaliate until they have been defeated at all 4 mastery levels. Defeating a Boss for the first time will award a mastery item. Defeating the same boss at the next mastery level will increase the statistics of the same boss mastery item.

Boss 1: Lieutenant Emilio Sandoval

Sandoval Vest (Armor 151/92), Ultimate

(Bronze Mastery 91/62)

(Silver Mastery 111/72)

(Gold Mastery 131/82)

(Ruby Mastery 151/92)

Boss 2: Pablo Alvares "The Dockmaster"

Pablo's Gutting Knife (Weapons 98/158), Ultimate

(Bronze Mastery 68/98)

(Silver Mastery 78/118)

(Gold Mastery 88/138)

(Ruby Mastery 98/158)

Boss 3: Capitão Tinto

Tinto's Jaguar (Animals 165/105), Ultimate

(Bronze Mastery 105/75)

(Silver Mastery 125/85)

(Gold Mastery 145/95)

(Ruby Mastery 165/105)

Boss 4: Mrs. Maria Rosa

Rosa Luxury Helicopter (Vehicles 113/180), Ultimate

(Bronze Mastery 83/120)

(Silver Mastery 93/140)

(Gold Mastery 103/160)

(Ruby Mastery 113/180)

Boss 5: Lucas Sousa

Sousa Sport (Vehicles 202/126), Ultimate

(Bronze Mastery 142/96)

(Silver Mastery 162/106)

(Gold Mastery 182/116)

(Ruby Mastery 202/126)