Number of gifts required to master each level are:
• Bronze – 4 gifts
• Silver – 8 gifts
• Gold – 16 gifts
(Total required = 28 per Cyber Warfare gift type)
Players who reach the Gold Mastery for each level of the Cyber Warfare event will achieve the Grand Prize of the Surveillance Van. Collect and master three items:

Blank CD Spindle

LCD Monitor

Box of Computer Parts

Decryption Specialist (Armor 89/64), Superior

(Bronze Mastery 79/59)

(Silver Mastery 83/61)

(Gold Mastery 89/64)

Head Mounted Display (Armor 65/89), Superior

(Bronze Mastery 60/79)

(Silver Mastery 62/85)

(Gold Mastery 65/89)

Cable Cutter (Weapon 90/67), Superior

(Bronze Mastery 81/62)

(Silver Mastery 86/64)

(Gold Mastery 90/67)

Surveillance Van (Vehicle 146/111), Ultimate

Grand Prize