Incognito Event

Posted by TOKO on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 Under: Event

Number of gifts (boosts) required to master each level are:
• Bronze – 4 gifts
• Silver – 8 gifts
• Gold – 16 gifts
(Total required = 28 per Incognitos gift type)
Players who reach the Gold Mastery for each level of the Incognito event will achieve the Grand Prize of the Foxy.

Collect and master three items:

Briefcase Gun (Boost +130 Attack skills)

Good Word (Boost +130 Defense skills)

Toe Jammers (Boost +150% chance of robbing your next property successfully)

Pop Dancer (Henchman 57/120), Superior

Clergyman (Henchman 116/55), Superior

Businessman (Henchman 54/112), Superior

Foxy (Vehicle 171/71), Superior

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