Lucky Stash Bonus (Generation 13, January 2012)

Posted by TOKO on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 Under: Lucky Stash

Afrika (Vehicle 124/65), Rare

aka Akira Superbike

Black Fire (Vehicle 76/117), Rare

Eastern Coral Snake (Animal 78/115), Rare

Chest Burster (Weapon 73/118), Rare

Layered Armor Torso (Armor 72/119), Rare

Max (Henchman 77/116), Rare

Rocks (Henchman 123/66), Rare

Serval (Animal 125/62), Rare

Stack Pistol (Weapon 122/67), Rare

Stud Punchers (Armor 121/68), Rare


In : Lucky Stash 

Tags: jackpotbonus rare 

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