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Chicago: New Districts City Store Items

Posted by TOKO on Friday, October 28, 2011, In : Location 


Alpenlock and Stock (Weapon 41/21), Common

Killjoy (Weapon 23/41), Common

Ossifier (Weapon 42/27), Common

Attaboy (Weapon 43/26), Common

Grandpa Nambu (Weapon 29/43), Common

Hot Kiss (Weapon 42/27), Common


Gangster's Uniform (Armor 24/42), Common

aka Pin Stripe Suit

Asbestos Jacket (Armor 26/42), Common

Deflector (Armor 45/23), Common


Decoy Mobile (Vehicle 25/43), Common

Ragtag Raft (Vehicle 43/27), Common

Tomoka (Vehicle 28/44), Common

Sky ...

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Chicago: City Store Items

Posted by TOKO on Tuesday, September 20, 2011, In : Location 


9mm Pistola (Weapon 25/15), Common

Stiletto Knife (Weapon 16/24), Common

Bootlegger's Rifle (Weapon 30/18), Common

Tommy Gun 1920 (Weapon 19/30), Common

Pair of Nucks (Weapon 20/38), Common

Cocktail Ice Pick (Weapon 36/18), Common


Leather Lining (Armor 25/17), Common

Silk Bulletproof Vest (Armor 31/17), Common

Scaled Waistcoat (Armor 22/37), Common


Flivver (Vehicle 13/24), Common

Iron (Vehicle 26/12), Common

Jalopy (Vehicle 32/18), Common


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Brazil: New Districts City Store Items

Posted by TOKO on Thursday, June 9, 2011, In : Location 


Canoe Paddle (Weapon 30/21), Common

Rio Trio (Weapon 25/33), Common

Rossi 62 (Weapon 27/34), Common

Tribal Bow (Weapon 24/32), Common


Bug Repellant (Armor 22/31), Common

Camouflage Cargo Pants (Armor 27/35), Common

Kerosene Lamp (Armor 35/28), Common

Mosquito Net (Armor 30/23), Common

Portable Telescope (Armor 34/26), Common


Jungle Crawler (Vehicle 32/22), Common

Rural Autobus (Vehicle 36/29), Common

Seeker UAV (Vehicle 33/25), Common

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Informant (Armor 65/40)

Posted by TOKO on Saturday, May 7, 2011, In : Armor 

Informant (Armor 65/40), Common

Limited Time City Store item: 3,000,000 BRL

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