Time Travel Crates (Crates)

Time Travel Crate items were added to our inventory on June 16th and then  removed on June 17th.  UPDATE: Released again on servers on 21st June, 2011.

Lipstick Gun (Weapon 115/68), Superior

Lipstick Gun was  released on May 5th, 2011 as a reward from upcoming Special Event. Zynga removed the item from servers on May 8th, 2011 for unknown reasons. The same Lipstick Gun can be seen in a Lady Gaga video called "Judas". UPDATE: Released on servers on 13th May, 2011 as a RewardVille item.

Love Tap (Weapons 34/92), Common

Love Tap was accidentely released on February 2nd, 2011 in Robbing. The next day it was removed from drop lists and removed from the inventory. We can still have it in our profiles but not in the inventory.

Luxury SUV (Vehicles 16/16)

Marketplace (25rp) item was changed from Escalade to Luxury SUV. Early 2011, Zynga removed it from the game but we still have Supercharged Escalade in our inventories.

Bullet-Proof Berkshire (Vehicles 10/30)

B-P B was obtained by accumulating 20,000 chips in Zynga's Texas Hold 'em Poker game.
Zynga changed the name from Bullet-Proof Bentley to Bullet-Proof Berkshire on August 2009. B-P B has recently started dropping by accident in the boss fight bonuses. Early 2011, Zynga removed it from the game but we still have Deadly Bullet-Proof Berkshire in our inventories.

Mr. Hot Sauce (+100 fight defense skill), Boosts

MHS (boost) was replaced by the A 19 Riot Shield (boost).

Heavy Padded Armor (Armor 41/78)

Zynga introduced Heavy Padded Armor on November 2010 as a Marketplace item with different costs. It appears that this was a test item for Zynga to see how much people are willing to spend on a virtual item. Zynga has removed this item from the game.

Stake Bed Truck (Weapons 20/38), Common

Zynga has removed this item from Las Vegas.
Released to be
tradeable from December 2010.

Hyro Glove (Armor 23/53), Rare

Zynga introduced Hyro Glove on May 2010 as a lootable item from the Bangkok Chapter 6, job: Bribe A Royal Thai Army Colonel. Shortly after, the loot drop was changed to the Nak Kah Shotgun.
Few weeks later Zynga promoted the Hyro Glove as a 2nd Generation Gold Treasure Chest item, but did not release it.

Flash Bang (+40 fight defense skill), Boosts

Removed from the game.

Mutt (+5 robbing defense skill), Boosts

Removed from the game.

Pit Bull (Weapons 35/57)

Pitbull was introduced during the Animals Gone Wild event on Marketplace for 35rp. Later, Zynga changed the image. Based on the comments from PETA, the Pitbull was replaced by Silverback Gorilla with the same stats.


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