Save Don's Dinner Event Loot Rollback

Butler (Henchman 155/95), Ultimate


The glitch happened if you clicked too fast with the intentions of gaining more Butler items.All accounts that were able to get Butler Ruby items with this glitch were rolled back and various amount of their loots were taken away.

Cemetery Property Loots Rollback

Property was introduced on October 20, 2011.
All three items from the Property were accidentely giftable and users were able to added them to their wishlists.
Zynga immediately fixed this glitch and removed all glitched items.All accounts that were able to get these items were rolled back and their loots were taken away.

Gold Treasure Chest Key Glitch

In the third part of the Lead To Gold Mission, players were required to loot 10 Everglade Rat Snakes from fighting. While doing this task Treasure Keys also dropped.
Players who did not complete this part of the Mission and fought as they normally would  found they got a whole lot of Treasure Chest Keys. They used these keys to open Treasure Chests and got a lot of Reward Points by doing so.

Trigger Happy (Weapon 151/60), Superior

Trigger Happy
was introduced on August 31, 2011 as an item from Return to Cuba Mission.
Players were able to collect more than 8 Trigger Happys.

Zynga immediately fixed this glitch and removed all items from some accounts. Next day Zynga restored those items back to users accounts.

Declare War Loot Glitch

The Declare War bug enabled some players to collect unlimited war helper loot. It is intended that players should only be able to collect 5 war loot items a day. Despite the in game notification after helping in 5 wars, many still got the loot.
This caused many player to use automated war helping scripts and made helping in wars manually virtually impossible.

Wrist Rockets (Weapon 72/125), Superior

Cobra Hood (Armor 70/115), Superior

Wrist Rockets
and Cobra Hood items were introduced on June 28th, 2011 as a reward item from Steal of the Summer blow out sale.
Both items appeared in some accounts for free when Zynga released the event.
UPDATE: Zynga fixed the glitch with WR immediately and all free Wrist Rockets items were removed.

Brazil Precious Collection (Collections)

On June 7th, 2011 the Precious Gems finally started dropping from robbing. Apparently the drop rate of gems was the result of a glitch, but users could vault the collection and have received bonus (skill points).
Zynga fixed this glitch immediately.

My Precious (Weapons 101/57), Rare

My Precious was introduced on March 15, 2011 as an item from vaulting Brazil Precious Collection.The Precious Collection items were not actually dropping. The collection was only mirroring the Beaches Collection, but users could vault it and have received My Precious item and bonus (skill points).
Zynga fixed this glitch immediately and all Precious Collection items were removed.

Brazilian Fox (Animals 39/24), Common
Brazilian Timber (Consumables), Uncommon
Construction Worker (Consumables), Uncommon

Gas Can (Consumables), Common

All four items were accidentely giftable and users were able to added them to their wishlists. 
Zynga fixed this glitch immediately.

Freighter (Vehicles 38/74), Uncommon

was introduced on March 15, 2011 as an item from Brazil (Region 5).
Before Zynga released Brazil, this Vehicle appeared in some accounts.
Zynga immediately fixed this glitch and removed all glitched items.

Lionfish (Animals 136/75), Rare

was introduced on February 2011 as a Grand Prize of Limited Time Mission: Dead Man Talking.

Some users have two Lionfishes due to the error in the Missions.

Valentine's Day Event Glitch

Cardiac Arest
, Total Eclipse, Bullet Proof Heart and Lovebird were introduced on February 2011 as a Valentine's Day Event 2011 reward.

Some users have huge amount of these items using a script to get unlimited amount of Broken Hearts items.

Parkour Master (Armor 105/121), Superior

Parkour Master
was introduced on February 2011 as a Atlantic City (Chapter 4) mastery reward.

Many users have more than one item. Parkour Master has dropped randomly in Atlantic City (CH4) jobs.

Handbasket (Vehicles 118/72), Superior

was introduced on January 2011 in the Grave Robbery event.
Many players received multiples Handbaskets during the first day of release. There was a coding error.
Zynga fixed this glitch next day.

Pickpocket (Armor 25/58), Common
Amur Leopard (Animals 69/34), Uncommon
Tundra Wolf (Animals 37/68), Uncommon

Pickpocket was accidentely buyable in City Store for 7,800 Vegas Cash on January 2010.

All three items were accidentely giftable and users were able to added them to their wishlists. 

Zynga later fixed this glitch but users have still these items from gifting/wishlist/city store.

No Crime Like The Present event glitch

All these items were from the Holiday event No Crime Like The Present as the presents. But they have dropped from Mission Take Out Vistola: Part 1 (loot 8 Wooden Boxes from job).
Zynga later fixed this glitch and removed all glitched items.

Big Horn Sheep (Armor 25/58), Common
Giant Octopus (Animals 69/34), Uncommon
Flambe Torch (Weapons 37/68), Uncommon

Venture Axe (Weapons 37/68), Uncommon
Steel Apron (Armor 37/68), Uncommon
Bearskin Cloak (Armor 37/68), Uncommon
Meat Truck (Vehicles 37/68), Uncommon
Chisel Plow ATV (Vehicles 37/68), Uncommon

On some user's profile we can see, that  in-game promo items from Cafe World and FrontierVille, are  doubled. All items were accidentely dropped from upgrading the Private Zoo bonus, posted on our walls.
Then, when we have built one item from the in-game promos, we received a brand new one item with the same name.

Railgun (Weapons 51/24), Rare

On December 2010 there was a glitch how to send free Railguns.
When we have clicked on the little gift icon that has belonged to the Railgun, then it has opened up a Mystery Bag sending window. But we have sent the Railgun.

Set of Government Secrets (Armor 103/132), Ultimate

SoGS was introduced on November 2001 as a mastery reward of the Randezvous at the Pentagon event.
This item was awarded for a total of three times, but some users have more than three  due to the "collecting" glitch.

Skulker (Weapons 100/52), Ultimate
Aircraft Carrier (Vehicles 80/38), Superior
Wolf Pack (Animals 66/35), Superior

Water Born Tank (Vehicles 65/33), Rare

There was a glitch on the Marketplace in 2010. We could bought the Attack and Defense Bundles at that time with Loyalty Program items. All the items were strong, but very cheap.

Next day Zynga has taken back all items from the Loyalty Program loot glitch and gave 5 Safety First items as compensation.

Set of Hill's Heavy Weapons (Weapons 137/155) Ultimate

Hill's Heavy Weapons was introduced on August 2010 as a Mastery reward of the Upper Strip in Las VegasBefore Zynga released Vegas, this weapon appeared on the Free Gift page for few seconds.
Some users have took the advantage of this glitch and have more than one item.

Death Dealer Minigun (Weapons 48/64) Superior

DDM was introduced on may 2010 in the Gift of the Day event.
Many players were able to obtain it from Crime Spree's glitch if we had choose "Sabotage" in Crime Spree request.

Backdoor (Armor 21/53) Rare

Backdoor was introduced on April 2010 in Tax Evasion Party event.
Many players were able to obtain far more than just one Backdoor, thanks to a glitch. Every time you were hitted the home tab, you had got an extra Backdoor.

Within a few days, Zynga started resetting users' multiple Backdoors.

Baccarat Shoe (Collection)

There was a Baccarat Shoe glitch on April 2010. Shoes were dropped instead of the Lucky Shamrock Medaillon in New York's Soldier Tier.
Later Zynga fixed this glitch and removed all the Shoes from users accounts.

Bangkok Mastery Items glitch

There was a Bangkok MI glitch on March 2010
. Users could repeated Bangkok jobs and were able to get multiples MI items.
Later Zynga removed all the MI from the glitch.

Drakon (Vehicles 54/22), Ultimate

There was a Drakon glitch on February 2010
. The Drakon has dropped from "Asking help" application.

Manhattan Ball Drop (Weapons 19/30), Uncommon

Manhattan Ball Drop
was introduced on December 2009 in
Limited Time Job: Last Score of 2009. There was a glitch in the event, where you could do the jobs without having the count down before doing another jobs. Many users have collected huge amount of this item and levelled fast in just minutes using the glitch. After several hours they became a very high level players.

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